About the Department


The Chemistry Department at Jnana Kaveri P.G. Centre aspires to excel in chemical education, research and services.



The Chemistry Department is committed to prepare competitive and professional graduates within an innovative and intellectually stimulating environment, support other academic programs at Jnana Kaveri P.G. Centre by offering quality chemistry learning experiences, conduct basic and applied research of national and  international impact, build proactive partnerships with industry and offer effective training and educational and technical services to the society.



  1. Enhance the quality of the chemistry and industrial chemistry programs.
  2. Enhance the basic and applied research framework in the Chemistry Department.
  3. Increase enrolment in the chemistry programs.
  4. Enhance services to the community.
  5. Build partnerships with the industry to achieve the department goals


The department has  MSc Laboratories for Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry.


Activities of the Department

The Department of Chemistry has 5 faculty, 30 post graduate students and 5 technical and non-technical staff.


Chemical Society

The Chemical Society is an activity based group involving all the members of the Chemistry department. Every year, the Chemical Society organizes a welcome for the new members and a farewell for the outgoing members. In addition, the society also arranges various seminars, quiz competitions, intercollegiate student fest to for the overall development of students in the Department.


Gold Medals:

  1. Prof. M.R. Gajendragad Gold Medal(Topper in MSc -Chem) instituted in 1992.
  2. Prof. B.Shivarama Holla Gold Medal(Topper in MSc. Chem(organic paper)) instituted in 2007.
  3. Syngenta gold Medal(Topper in MSc- Org Chem) instituted in 2009.
  4. Prof. B. Thimme Gowda Gold Medal(Topper in -I year MSc-all branches of Chemistry )instituted in 2013.
  5. Prof. A.M.A. Khadar Gold Medal(Topper in MSc Chem) instituted in 2013