Mangalore University

Mangalore University-BRNS, BARC, IGCAR, & NPCIL Partnership

Mangalore University has strong research collaborations with BRNS, BARC, IGCAR, and NPCIL for studies on radioecology, which was initiated way back in the 1980s. Through three BRNS funded research projects during 1987-1999, Mangalore University carried out studies on baseline radiation levels in the West Coast region of India, including Kaiga. The nuclear power plant in Kaiga became operational in the year 1999, and since then, the University has been engaged in impact assessment studies around Kaiga region, again through BRNS funding. The funding was beneficial in establishing good laboratory infrastructure in the University. BARC and IGCAR have provided comprehensive support in these studies by extending laboratory facilities, expertise, training the research staff of Mangalore University, and lending major instruments. Subsequently, several MoUs were signed between Mangalore University and BARC for collaborative research, and BARC has funded research programmes and strengthened the laboratory infrastructure.
NPCIL has also extended its full support to Mangalore University by funding important research programmes on radionuclides transfer factors/ transfer coefficients and dose assessments, and has extended the infrastructure facilities in Kaiga and other power stations. These supports were crucial in the successful completion of the research projects undertaken by the University.

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