Mangalore University


CARER has state-of-the-art facilities for radioecological studies. These facilities are being extended to researchers from national and international laboratories, universities and institutions, and industries.

Laboratory Facility available
Liquid scintillation spectrometry laboratory Quantulus 1220 Liquid scintillation spectrometer(Perkin Elmer, USA)
Low background beta counting system (Nucleonix, India)
Carbon-14 and tritium measurements laboratory Sample oxidizer - Pyrolyser with cryo-cooler for preparation of samples for tritium and Carbon-14 determination(RADDEC, UK)
Sample oxidizer -A307 (PerkinElmer, USA)
Automated Carbon-14 and tritium bubblers with oxidizers for ambient air/stack sampling (MRB500, Mound Technical Solutions, USA)
Alpha spectrometry laboratory Multi-chamber alpha spectrometers – 2 Nos. with four detectors each (surface barrier detector - 450 mm2) with GENIE- 2000 and Apex Alpha software (Canberra, USA)
ZnS(Ag) counting systems
Gamma spectrometry laboratory Ultra low background HPGe gamma spectrometer (50% relative efficiency) with 32K Lynx` MCA, GENIE -2000advanced gamma analysis software (Canberra, USA)
38% nominal efficiency low background p - type HPGe gamma spectrometer with 16K MCA, GENIE -2000 advanced gamma analysis software (Canberra, USA)
42% relative efficiency n-type low background HPGe gamma spectrometer with 16K DSA-1000 MCA, GENIE-2000 advanced gamma analysis software (Canberra, USA)
Well type NaI(Tl) gamma spectrometer with 16K MCA,GENIE-2000 advanced gamma analysis software(Canberra, USA)
Radon laboratory Radon calibration chamber of volume 22,000 L with advanced facilities such as ambient temperature control,ultrasonic humidification system, input and sampling ports for radon and progeny and online display of radon concentrations and environmental parameters.
AlphaGuard PQ-2000PRO with multisensor unit, aqua kit,soil probe, Rn -Tn Duo monitors (2Nos), smart radon monitors (2Nos.) and smart thoron monitors (3Nos.)
Radon/thoron mass and surface exhalation measuring systems, progeny measuring devices, LLRDS, DTPS,DRPS, SSNTD, etching units, emanometry setup, etc.
Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Two powerful Computation Fluid Dynamics software modules - Fluidyn-PANACHE and Fluidyn-VENTCLIM- for Theoretical modelling.
Sample processing laboratory Clean laboratory with sample processing equipment such as oven, furnace, fume hoods, hot-plates, stirrers,centrifuge systems, pH and conductivity meters, ultra pure water system, etc.
Microwave digestion system, Liophyliser, sonicator, etc.
Laboratory for simulation studies on deposition velocity, deposition rate, and mass interception factors of radionuclides /stable elements. Environmental chamber with a working area of 2m x 2m x 2m with facility to control atmospheric parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind flow, and rainfall. Facility to expose plants to controlled levels of radionuclides /stable elements; ports for online sampling of air, aerosol, and rainwater.
Other important instruments LED uranium analyzer
Aerosol impactors /Anderson samplers (Tish Environmental,USA)
Handheld field gamma spectrometer/radionuclide identifier(RIIDEYE X-G, Thermo Scientific, USA)
Atomic absorption spectrometer, GF, and auto sampler
Fluoride measuring system
Gamma dosimeters, survey meters, GPS system and high volume air sampling stations

Designed By: Madhvaraj