Mangalore University


  • Research Projects Undertaken

    Research Project Duration FundingAgency Grant Received(in Rs.)
    Studies on site specific transfer factors for radionuclides and trace elements in Kaiga region 2007-2011 BRNS 37 lakhs
    Baseline database on radiation level, radionuclides, and trace elements concentration in environmental matrices around Gogi 2009-2013 BRNS 36 lakhs
    Study of 220Rn adsorption in charcoal and vegetable oils for 220Rn mitigation application in off-gas stream 2009-2014 BARC-Mangalore University MoU 38 lakhs
    Baseline radiation levels and radionuclide concentrations in environmental matrices in and around Dodda Ullarti, Challakere 2013-2015 BARC-Mangalore University MoU 32 lakhs
    Studies on the sedimentation rate of fresh water reservoirs of West Coast of India by 137Cs and 210Pb techniques 2012-2015 UGC 11 lakhs
    Nationwide environmental gamma radiation monitoring using TLDs 2015-20 17 BARC-Mangalore University MoU 13 lakhs
    Standardization of techniques for 14C and3H measurements in environmental matrices and evaluation of population doses in the vicinity of the PHWR power plant 2013-2018 BRNS,DAE 560 lakhs
    Total Grants ~750 lakh s
  • Consultancy Projects Undertaken

    Title Agency Period Grant Received(in Rs.)
    Studies on transfer factors of Iodine, Cesium , and Strontium in air > grass > cow > milk pathway and estimation of radiation dose specific to Kaiga region Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL,India ) 2008-12 79 lakhs

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