Mangalore University

Ongoing Projects

  • IGCAR - MU MoU

    The Centre for Advanced Research in Environmental Radioactivity (CARER), Mangalore University is a highly reputed research institute specialised in the radioecological studies and has successfully taken up many studies on
    (i) radioecology around the new sites and operational sites,
    (ii) radon/thoron measurements and mitigation,
    (iii) transfer factors and transfer coefficients for normal and emergency situation around the nuclear power plants,
    (iv) Carbon-14 (14 C) and Tritium (3 H) studies around nuclear facilities,etc. This Centre has shown keen interest in taking up a detailed studies on site specific transfer factors for Kalpakkam site. Hence, this MoU is established between CARER, Mangalore University and IGCAR, Kalpakkam and the aims and objectives of this collaborative research are:
    i. to establish database on site specific transfer factors/transfer coefficients/concentration ratios for natural and anthropogenic radionuclides (137 C and 90 Sr) in relation with the identified and established environmental pathways for Kalpakkam region, in particular for soil- paddy/vegetables - man, grass-cow milk-man, and water/sediment - fish - man, pathways, and
    ii. to study the physico-chemical parameters of soil and its influence soil to plant transfer factors for radionuclides

  • IUAC

    The Center for Advanced Research in Environmental Radioactivity (CARER), a national facility with the state-of-the-art facilities for radioecological studies, has undertaken a detailed study on 14 C and Tritium around PWHR power plants. The aim of these ongoing studies is to develop/standardize methods for the measurement of 14 C in the environmental matrices and make it available for routine application in environmental survey laboratories of the nuclear power plants. The other project of this program is to generate a reliable database on the release of 14 C from the PHWR NPP during normal operations conditions.

  • MoU TLD

    BARC-Mangalore University MoU for Nationwide Environmental Gamma Radiation Monitoring using TLDs.

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