Mangalore University


  • Support to Other Universities/Institutions/Colleges

    BRNS is encouraging many institutions across the country to initiate research programmes on low-level radioactivity measurements. Other funding agencies such as the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), University Grants Commission (UGC), Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), etc., are also promoting research studies on radionuclides in the environment, and their applications as tracers, chronometer, etc. The new groups, which have recently initiated these studies, lack adequate infrastructure facilities (both measuring systems and calibration facilities) and expertise. In order to generate quality data, which can meet any stringent quality assurance programme, advanced equipment, calibration facility, and expertise are essential.
    CARER is helping researchers from other institutions by extending its advanced facilities. During the last couple of years, users from other institutions have increased by manifold. Every effort is made to accommodate the request of researchers from different parts of the country.

  • Support to the Industries

    CARER is accredited by the AERB for the measurement of radioactivity in commodities and issuing certificates as per the regulations of BIS, Govt. of India. Many industries from across India have approached CARER for testing of materials such as, spices, packaged water, pharmaceuticals, food materials, etc. meant for export as well as for public consumption. Besides this, many other industries such as, thermal power plants, mining industries, metal industries, etc. are using the facilities of CARER for testing their products for radioactivity. The availability of testing facilities at CARER has immensely benefited the industries of this region.

  • Extension Activities

    CARER is actively engaged in educating and creating awareness among the general public, college teachers, and students about radiation in the environment, the beneficial applications of radiation/radiation technology, and of the importance of nuclear power for the development of the country. In this direction, CARER is frequently organizing public awareness programmes in association with different colleges and institutions.

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