Mangalore University

Vision 2020 of the Centre

CARER has been developed as a national centre and is targeting for recognition as an IAEA training centre for scientists from its member states, ISO certification, and increasing national and international collaborations. The centre has well-set programmes to conduct advanced studies on dynamic transfer factors, spike experiments, radioactive aerosols, simulation studies, developing new techniques for radiation measurements, and to generate well- trained human resources.
The following are the vision plans :
   ✔ Obtain recognition as IAEA training centre for scientists from its member states, get ISO certification.
   ✔ Become a self-sustaining research centre in the next 3 years.
   ✔ Conduct frequent training programmes on radiation measurements for researchers.
   ✔ Undertake advanced studies on radioecology and radiation protection.
   ✔ Increase the intake of PhD scholars and offer Post Doctoral fellowships.
   ✔ Strengthen collaboration with national and international laboratories and industries.
   ✔ Position CARER as one of the top research centres in the world by the year 2020.

Designed By: Madhvaraj