College Development Council


The College Development Council (CDC) of Mangalore University is disseminating the information about the various schemes/ grant-in-aid of UGC to the affiliated colleges.



To provide and to impart academic information to its affiliated colleges. In addition it is giving information about the UGC schemes/ grant-in-aid to the affiliated colleges.


About the Centre

  1. The centre is carrying out forwardal of proposals to UGC regarding development/improvement of infrastructure, research, sports, hostels and all other programs leading to the enhancement of quality education etc. received from the affiliated colleges.
  2. It also does the work of disseminating information to the colleges affiliated to Mangalore University received from UGC from time to time.
  3. The CDC with other nominated officials inspects/visit the affiliated colleges with respect to FIP program, UGC funded construction of college buildings/hostels and the like.
  4. The CDC, Mangalore University has started in October, 1994?


The CDC is housed in a separate building adjacent to University Library. It encompasses a chamber to the Director besides its office.