Mangalore University Incubation Centre (MUIC)

            Mangalore University Incubation Centre   (MUIC)  is the flagship initiative of MU in partnership with   IBM India Pvt. Ltd and their Business partner NCS India to serve the needs of the students in the job market. We offer Certificate,   Diploma,   Advanced Diploma, Internship and Project programs in latest technology trends in the marketplace.   A global giant of technologies like IBM on board, allows us to adapt and evolve to   latest technologies as and when new trends appear in the   horizons of today's ever evolving,  knowledge driven job market. This makes it the   right place for you to   invest your   valuable time,   effort and   money with us.   With utmost   commitment to quality of education, MUIC invites you to this exciting journey of learning

About the Workshop

The demand for   students and   professionals to be equipped with skills on   in-demand technology   areas is growing   substantially. This workshop is designed to meet the critical demand in some of the nichetechnical & business domain areas.


This is a Train the    Trainers (T3) workshop,   with the main objective of preparing the    pool of expert trainers who are   ready to work as trainers* and mentors for the    MUIC programs in the future, apart from students who want to get   IBM certificate in Data Analytics. The program incorporates four core course modules for each of the specialization tracks for 50hours followed by a project and an assessment with certification from   Mangalore University and IBM. Participants who are enrolling with us to become the trainers in the MUIC will be availed of all the charges except Rs. 2000 for the hospitality.


Introduction to Ransomware, Malware, Social engineering and Phishing.