About the Centre

Center for Women Studies

Activities of the Centre

  1. Lectures:

A total of 77 lectures have been organised by the Centre. These lectures have been given both at the University and at the various colleges coming under the University. Emphasis has been placed to expose young students to women’s issues such as Women’s rights, Gender Discrimination, Domestic Violence Act, Sexual Minorities, Women Empowerment, Women Entrepreneurship, and Consumer Awareness. ( for an exhaustive list Please click here)

b. Workshops: 

The Centre has conducted 73 workshops during the ten year period focussing on Gender awareness and Gender Sensitisation. There has also been a series of workshops that have been conducted to document and publish the lives of women. The Centre has conducted two Capacity building workshops for Women Managers in Higher Education in collaboration with the UGC. These workshops help to gender sensitise the participants and has helped them to become women managers by providing insights into governance, academic leadership, besides emphasing the need to balance the personal with the professional. ( for an exhaustive list of workshops Please click here)

c. Seminars:

Four State level Seminars were organised by the Centre on, Panchayati Raj, Education of the Girl Child, Violence against Women and Role of Community in Prevention of Violence against Women. ( for an exhaustive list of seminars Please click here)

d. Literary Fest:

A State level “Women’s Literary Fest” was held to mark the completion of five years of the Centre’s existence.

e. Symposium and Colloquium:

A Colloquium on Women’s Studies in Karnataka: Challenges and Prospects was organised in March 2005 and a Symposium on Women’s Studies in Indian Universities was organised in August 2005.

f. Women’s Meet:

1. A Women’s Meet- Mahila Jatha was also organised in collaboration with the colleges coming under the University in March 2011. A memorandum which was brought out at the end of the meet on Women’s Rights and Demands was submitted to the government.

2. A Multi Lingual Women Writers Meet was organised between March 17th-18th 2015 bringing together women writers of all the 8 South Indian languages on one platform to discuss women’s issues in these regions.

g. One-Woman Show:

Two one woman shows were performed. One was a mono act by a Rangayana artist Smt Sashikala B.N. and the other was a unique lecture cum demonstration by Dr. K.S. Pavithra through the Indian dance form of Baratanatyam. Both depicted and brought out effectively women’s issues.

 h. National Conference:

A National Level conference on Women and Development was held in the University in March 2012. The Conference had 60 presentations by participants from all over the country, besides having four plenaries.

i. Partnerships:

The Women’s Studies Centre has been successful in obtaining the co-operation of several local and national NGO’s in the task of giving a fillip to pro-women concepts and ideas, and also mainstreaming gender concerns.


Dr.Anita Ravishankar


Centre for Women’s Studies

Associate Professor,

Department of Sociology


Non- Teaching

  1. Ms. Shwetha – Office Assistant ( Temporary)
  2. b) Ms.Divyashree – Attender ( Temporary)