About Maha kavi Rathnakaravarni Adhyayana Peetha

Mahakavi Rathnakaravarni Adhyana Peeta

The Kadamba,Rashtrakuta,Ganga,Chalukya and Hoysala dynastries gavestrenght to the Jaina in South Indiya. These dynastries patronized many great Jaina poets including Pampa, Nagachandra,Chavundaraya,Nemichandra,Nayasena,Brahmashiva,Nagavarma the second,Janna, Rathnakaravani and Inspired their scholarly work. The Jaina tradition and Thulunaadu , covering the revenue districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi have had a longstanding relationship. Rathnakaravarni of Moodubidri is one of the great poets of Tulunaadu.He is also the foremost among the ‘Sangatya’ poets of Kannada .Four major works are attributed to this poet of the sixteenth century; Bharatheshvaracharita(Bharathesha Vaibhava),Trioka Shathaka, Rathnakara Shathaka and Aparajitha Shathaka. As per the direction of the government, a propsosal was sent to State Government to start a Chair for study in the of name Jainakavi Rathnakaravani. The Government of Karnataka has released a sum of Rupees One Croee during the year 2014-15 as an endowement for Establishment of “Mahakvi Rathnakaravarni Adhyana peeta’’ in Mangalore University, Hence, it has becomes necessary to frame a state in this regard.


Objective Of the Centre

  • To bring together complete information on Rathnakaravarni and to pulish his work though popular, low priced edition.
  • To research into the literacy works Rathnakaravarni and to organization level seminars and workshops.
  • To instill in students a love and enthusiasm for the works of Rathnakaravarni by initiating a Lecture series and audio visual.
  • TTo establish a library and museum housing complete information released to Jainsism and its literature and to develop them as an archival local, state and national levels.

Coordinator:              Prof. somanna Hongalli

Research assistant:  Prasad. S

Office Staff:               Latha Shenoy