Activities & Programs

Departmental activities and programs organized so far (subject associations, periodic special programs / seminars / conferences / workshops / symposia, etc.)


Title Date

International Symposium on Advances in Superconductivity and Magnetism: Materials, Mechanism,   Devices (ASMM2D-2001)

September 2001

Workshop on selected topics in Materials Science & Solid State Physics

January  1997

National Seminar on Liquid Crystals

November 1999

Frontier Lectures in Solid State Physics

March 2000

A workshop on Powder XRD

December 2004

Two-day workshop on Physics and Chemistry of Materials

January 2008

Refresher Course in experimental Physics

June  2009

Two days inter University subject based Conference on Materials Science

May 2011

National Seminar on Advances in Materials Science (SAMS -2013),

November  2013