Alumni Information

Alumni information 

  1. Dr. Geralyn Pinto - Creative writer and poet who has won many international awards.
  2. Sri. Shashidhar Kote - Well known singer and musician.
  3. Sri. Ravi Bhat - Noted film actor and Television personality.
  4. Ms. Nayana Kashyap - Well known translator and creative writer.
  5. Dr. Anil Pinto – Registrar, Christ University, Bengaluru.
  6. Dr. Mrinalini Sebastian - Academician and scholar in Postcolonial Studies, USA.
  7. Dr. Namratha Mogral – Ornithologist and writer.
  8. Dr.Vinayan Kodoth- Professor in Film Studies, United Kingdom.
  9. Shambu Namboodiri- Award winning cartoonist.
  10. Jaideep Shenoy- Journalist with The Times of India
  11. Dr. Rashmi Rai- Academician, USA.

Several of our students have become teachers in sister universities, in colleges, schools and have also become Principals of reputed colleges, Journalists, Radio Broadcasters, Content Writers, HRD Professionals and Trainers.