Alumni information

Alumni information

Dr. Radhakrishna H B - MPES 1996-98

I rank in NIS (Athletics), MS (Athletics).

Qualified the International TechnicalOfficial in Athletics, officiated in New Delhi Commonwealth Games

Mr. Bipin K P - MPEd 2014-16

Represented Mangalore University 5 times and captained the Cricket team

Played in Karnataka Premier League in Cricket

Mrs. Manasa L G - MPEd 2014-16

Represented India in Netball

Represented Mangalore University and Karnataka in National Games in Kerala.

Mrs. Sowmya T N - MPEd 2008-10

Represented Karnataka in Hockey in Senior nationals and Federation Cup

Represented University in Hockey and secured silver medal in SW Zone IU tournament

Mrs. Sowmya K T - MPEd2006-08

Represented Karnataka in Hockey

Silver medallist in South West Zone Inter University Hockey

Mrs. Kulsumbi D C - BPEd 2012-14

Attended National Women Hockey Camp twice

Represented Karnataka in Hockey 5 times

Represented University in Hockey 5 times and gold Medallist in Zonal IU Hockey

Ms. Sairabanu D C - MPEd 2012-14

Represented Karnataka in Hockey

Attended National Women Hockey Camp

Two times Gold medallist and once silver medallist in South Zone IU Hockey

Mr. Kiran Kumar A S - MPEd 2006-08

Represented State in Kabaddi

Represented University four times in Kabaddi

Secured first rank in NIS (Kabaddi)

Mr. Ravindra Shanbhag - MPEd 2010-12

Grade I Umpire from Badminton Association of India

Officiated in Syed Modi International Tournament and Premier Badminton League.

Mr. Ravi Walke - MPEd 2015-17

Bronze in National Games and Gold in

Federation Cup in Kho Kho.

Gold and Silver in Zonal Inter University Kho Kho Tournament

Mr. Praveenkumar L - MPEd 2015-17

Gold Medallist in All India Inter University Kho Kho tournament.

Two times silver medallist in Zonal Inter University Kho Kho Tournament.

Mr. Sampathkumar A P - MPEd 2015-17

Attended Indian camp in Kho Kho two times.

Represented India Red team in Kho Kho

Gold Medal in Senior Nationals and All India Inter University Kho Kho Tournament

Awarded Karnataka Kreedaratna award.


Mr. Supreth S - MPEd 2017-19

Silver medallist in Kho Kho Senior Nationals

Gold and Silver Medallist in Kho Kho Inter University Zonal Tournament and represented University in Kho Kho Five times.

Dr. Ramachandra Patkar- MPEd 2000-02

NIS (Athletics)

Two times All India InterUniversity Bronze Medallist in Decathlon

Mr. Pradeepa S – MPED 2012-14

Represented All India Interuniversity khokho tournament secured 1st place in 2012-2013

Represented All India Interuniversity khokho tournament secured 2st place in 2011-2012 & 2013-2014