Ambigara Chowdaiah Adhyayana Peeta

Ambigara Chowdaiah Adhyayana Peeta


Ambigara Chowdaiah Adhyayana Peeta was setup in Mangalore University with the financial support of Government of Karnataka.  The Statute of the Peeta was approved by the Governor on 27.04.2012. The Peeta operates with the objectives of study and research (1) on vachanas of Ambigara Chowdaiah and, (2) on traditional fishermen community in the region.



Guided by the Advisory Committee, the Peeta seeks to

  1. Bring out the nuances of Vachanas, its contemporary relevance and significance with special reference to vachanas of Ambigara Chowdaiah
  2. Evaluate the impact of changes in fishing sector on the traditional fishermen community

About the Centre

The Peeta was inaugurated in Mangalore University on 25-01-2012 by the noted by the literary person and critic, Prof. Baragur Ramachandrappa. Since then the Peeta is actively engaged in organising programmes in tune with its objectives. Primarily to reach and sensitise the youth about the ideas of Ambigara Chowdaiah as well as about the culture and socio-economic situation of the traditional fishermen community in the coastal regions of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts (in the ambit of Mangalore University) the Peeta has organised several programmes/extension lectures in Colleges.

Peeta has published an edited book entitled, Ambigara Chowdaiah: Vachana Jijnase (2015), in which number of experts have reflected on aspects relating to vachanas,  Ambigara Chowdaiah and also on local fishermen community. Besides study and research on Ambigara Chowdaiah and traditional fishermen community, the Peeta organises seminars and workshops and publish novel ideas relating the subject matter of the Peeta.