AQAR 2020-21 Criterion III

3.1.1 The institution Research facilities are frequently updated and there is well defined policy for promotion of research which is uploaded on the institutional website and implemented

3.1.2 The institution provides seed money to its teachers for research

3.1.5 Institution has the following facilities to support research

3.2.2 Grants for research projects sponsored by the government agencies during the year(INR in Lakhs)

3.2.3 Number of research projects funded by government and non-government agencies during the year

3.3.2 Number of workshops/seminars conducted on Research methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), entrepreneurship, skill development during the year

3.4.4 Number of Ph.Ds awarded during the year

3.7.1 Number of collaborative activities with other institutions/ research establishment/industry for research and academic development of faculty and students during the year