DST PURSE Project Implementation Group

Well Wisher Committee

1 The Vice-Chancellor, Mangalore University Chairman
2 Prof. B. Vishalakshi, Department of Chemistry  Co-ordinator   
3 Prof. Boja Poojary, Department of Chemistry  Deputy Co-ordinator  
4 Dean, Faculty of Arts, Mangalore University    Member
5 Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Mangalore University  Member
6 Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Mangalore University  Member
7 Dean, Faculty of Education, Mangalore University Member
8 Prof. Gopalakrishna Naik K., Department of Physics, Mangalore University Member
9 Prof. Manjaiah D.H , Department of Computer Science, Mangalore University   Member
10 Prof. K. Bhasker Shenoy, Department of Applied Zoology, Mangalore University  Member
11 Prof. B.R. Manjunatha, Department of Marine Geology, Mangalore University Member
12 Prof. B.K. Sarojini, Department of Industrial Chemistry, Mangalore University Member
13 Prof. Monika Sadananda, Department of Biosciences, Mangalore University Member
14 Prof. Raju Krishna Chalannavar, Department of Applied Botany, Mangalore University Member
15 Prof. Krishna Sharma, Department of Yogic Science, Mangalore University Member
16 Dr. Chandrashekar Joshi, Department of Biochemistry,  Chikka Aluvara.  Member
17 Dr. Rani M Pattabi, Department of Materials Science,  Mangalore University Member
18 Mr. Kalbavi Prakash Rao, Chairman, C.I.I., Mangaore, M/s. Kalbavi Cashews, Bykampady, Mangalore. (One external member from nearby MSME)  Member
19 Prof. Mohan Rao K., Department of Physics, MIT, Manipal. (One faculty member from nearby research organization/ laboratory/institutes)  Member
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(Two members from the newly Constituted Programme Management Board - to be nominated by DST)