National /International Conference/ Seminar/Workshop

  • National conference organized by DoS in Microbiology, ‘Microbes in present Scenario’, on 2014.
  • SOBSICON-2014 National pre conference workshop organized on 17.11.2014.
  • National conference organized by DoS in Biochemistry, ‘Bioactive Natural Product and Health Care’, on 2017.
  • National level seminar on “Awareness and Protection of Human Rights’ organized on 09.04.2018.
  • International conference organized by DoS in Biochemistry, ‘Current concepts on the role of Indian medicine and phytoceuticals on maintenance of health’, on 2018.
  • IABMS-2018 39th International conference of Indian association of Biomedical Scientist on 15th to 17th November 2018.
  • International conference on “European Union and Capitalism: Issues and Concerns” organized on 18.03.2019.


State level Symposia/Conference/ Seminar/Workshop

  • Workshop on “Awareness and Protection of Human Rights” organized on 27:03.2017.
  • State level seminar on “Dr. B R Ambedkar Jnana Darshana” organized on 24.04.2017.
  • State level seminar on “Democracy, Justice and Social Transformations-Ambedkar’s aspirations” organized on 13th & 14th October 2017.
  • Workshop  on “Samshodhaneya:  Hosa Sadyategalu” organized on  14,15th February-2018  
  • Workshop  on “Vachan Punaruttana Kranti” organized on 24th February- 2018
  • Workshop  on “Ratnakarvarni” organized on 5th March- 2018
  • Work Shop on “Historical Research and Methodology” organized on 7th &8th March 2019
  • Two days workshop on “Labor Legislation and Industrial Relations” by Mr. Jayaram, Head HR, SKF, Mysore organized on 13th & 14th  April 2019.
  • Workshop on “Jana-janeyara Balaga” organized on 21th  November-2019  

Special talks/Lectures organized

  • Special lecture on “Ancient History” organized on 21st October, 2015.
  • Special lecture on “Ancient History” organized on 2nd, 15th, Feb 2017 and 3rd March 2017.
  • Special lecture on “Architecture of Karnataka to AD 14th Century” organized on 10th March 2017.
  • Special lecture on “Art and Architecture of Hoysala” organized on 9th, 24th, March 2017, 13th 21st April 2017, and 5th 11th May 2017.
  • Special talk on “Kanaka Odu- Arivina Sibhira” organized on 17th & 18th  April-2017.
  • GIAN lecture series on “lung inflammation & respiratory diseases” organized on 6th to 11th November 2017.
  • Special lecture on “Halegannada Shastreeya Patyagal Odu” organized on 16,20th February- 2018.
  • Special talk on “Personality development” by Prof. P S Yadapadithaya, organized on 09/04/2018.
  • Special lecture on ‘European Union’s olitical economy: Issues and Concerns’ organized on 07.02.2019.
  • Special talk on “Awareness about savings and deposit” organized on 22/02/2019.
  • Special talk on “culture of Tribes” by Mrs.Akkamma, Tribal activist, organized on 23/02/19.
  • Special talk on “Community Based Rehabilitation in tribal area” by Mr.Murgesh, Co-ordinator CBR, Suntikoppa organized on 24/02/19.
  • Special talk: Prof. Balakrishna Kalluraya    “Synthesis of some heterocyclic compounds” organized on 30.04.2019.
  • Special talk by Shashidhar N.L. on “Analysis technique in organic chemistry” organized on 30.01.2020.