Marine Geology

Facilities available in the Department

The departmentcomprises of geological museum, remote sensing and GIS, geochemistry, chemical oceanography and environmental magnetism laboratories.  These labs are equipped with image processing and GIS software (ERDAS IMAGINE, Arc Info, Arc Map),satellite images,mirror stereoscopes with parallax bar, topographical maps,susceptibility meter, A.F. DeMagnetizer with A.R.M. attachment, pulse magnetizer, spinner fluxgate magnetometer, UV spectrophotometer, TOC, DOC analyser, pH meter, water quality kit, water samplers, grab sampler, isodynamic separator, current meter,sediment coring instruments,surveying instruments andresistivity meter.

A. Marine Geology

Remote Sensing, Geochemistry and Environmental Magnetism  and GIS Laboratories with Magnetic Susceptibility Meter, A.F. DeMagnetizer with A.R.M. Attachment, Pulse Magnetizer, Spinner Fluxgate Magnetometer, UV Spectrophotometer, TOC, DOC analyser, pH Meter, Salinity Refractometer, Water Quality Kit, Water Samplers, Grab sampler, Isodynamic Separator, Microscopes, Eco- sounder, Current meter, Sea truth spectroradiometer, Marine Radiometer, Mirror Stereoscopes,  with parallax bar Large-format Optical Enlarger and Optical Pantograph, sediment coring instrument, etc.


B. Geoinformatics

Remote Sensing and GIS Lab is well equipped with ERDAS IMAGINE, Image Processing softwares and GIS Softwares (Arc Info, Arc Map); Satellite images (Hard copies and soft copies) Mirror stereoscopes with Parallax Bar and Topographical Maps