Facilities & Research

Centre for Application of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology

Facilities & Research


  1. High Dose Gamma Irradiation Facility (2.2 kGy/hr)
  2. Low Dose Gamma/Blood Irradiation Facility (5 Gy/min)
  3. Gamma survey meter
  4. UV-Visible spectrophotometer
  5. 14C Urea Breath Test facility
  6. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer (-80°C)
  7. Type-I and Type-II Water Purification Systems
  8. Semi micro balance (d = 10μg)
  9. Ultra sonicator
  10. Radio Thin Layer Chromatography Scanner
  11. Radioimmunoassay Counting System
  12. RIA Centrifuge
  13. Liquid Scintillation System
  14. Thermoluminescent Reader
  15. BOD Incubator
  16. CO2 Incubator
  17. Cell culture facility
  18. Digital Autoclave
  19. Photosynthesis system
  20. Fluorescent Microscope
  21. Inverted Microscope


  1. Radioisotope Labelling Laboratory
  2. Radioimmunoassay/Immunoradiometricassay (RIA/IRMA) Laboratory
  3. Radioiodination Laboratory
  4. Hybridoma Laboratory
  5. Counting/Instrumentation Room


Research in different areas of science and technology using radiation and radioisotopes are undertaken. Presently following research projects sanctioned to CARRT are in progress

Sl. No.

Title of the project

Principal Investigator


Radioiodination of C-Peptide and Development of an assay

Prof K Bhaskar Shenoy
Dept. of Applied Zoology


Epidemiological study of Helicobacter Pylori infection in communication of coastal region of Karnataka: A diagnostic study by using the 14C urea capsule breath test and setting diagnostic services

Prof H M Somashekarappa
University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC)


Evaluation and comparison of radioprotective potential of some bioflavonoids in mice exposed  to gamma radiation

Prof Rajashekhar K Patil
Dept. of Applied Zoology


Application of radiation in forestry: Effect of gamma irradiation on storage, viability and germination of seeds and relative growth rate and tolerance of seedlings of some endemic plants of Western Ghats

Prof K R Chandrashekar
Dept. of Applied Botany

Research projects sanctioned to other universities and institutes using CARRT facility

Sl. No.


Investigator and Institute


Effect of irradiation on coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei(Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in the harvested coffee.

Dr. M. G. Venkatesha Bangalore University Bangalore


Influence of gamma irradiation on pollen viability, germinability, fruit set, seed set and induction of parthenogentic plants in Cucumis melo

Prof. H. Niranjana Murthy Karnatak University Dharwad


Development and validation of radioimmunoassay for the in-vitro quantitative estimation of melatonin in human serum and plasma sample.

Shri Shrikant L. Patil K.S.Hegde Medical Academy Nitte University, Mangalore


Isotope based in vivo studies on triazole ring to develop new intact ring or its metabolite as nitrification inhibitor.

Dr. Bijul Lakshman A Selvamm Arts and Science College, Tamil Nadu


Isolation and characterization of novel radio protective flavonoids from Tragia involucrata

Dr.Chandrashekhar Gajanan Joshi Mangalore University, Madkeri


Application of Irradiation for Preventing Post harvest losses in Fish and Fishery products.

Dr. B. Manja Naik College of Fisheries, Mangalore


Adrenergic receptor subtype functional correlation in the brain and pancreas of high fat simple carbohydrate fed c57bl/6j  mice: implications in metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Asha Abraham St. Aloysius College, Mangalore


Therapeutic effect of Thymol/Zingerone, dietary polyphenols on radiation induced damage in swiss albino mice- A pilot study

Dr. Archana.P.R Dept. of Physiology Manipal University