Facilities & Research

Center for Women Studies


      The Centre has a documentation unit which documents contemporary issues of women appearing in the print media. The unit documents news items/articles/statistics about various issues and challenges that face women. These are categorised and filed and is a useful resource for research for students and research scholars.     


     A number of Research Studies have been taken up the Centre. These are:

  1. Women Managers and Work Life – Prof. P.S Yadapadithaya, Department of Commerce, Mangalore University.
  2. Single Women in Dakshina Kannada – Prof. Sabiha, SVP Institute of Kannada Studies, Mangalore University.
  3. Women in Panchayati Raj Institutions – Dr. Anita Ravishankar, Department of Sociology, Mangalore University.
  4. Self-employed Women – Prof. Sripathi Kalluraya, Department of Economics, Mangalore University.
  5. Women and Self –Help groups – Dr. Shoba Devi, Centre for Women’s Studies, Mangalore University.
  6. Women and the Consumer Movement – Prof. Kishori Nayak.K, Department of English, Mangalore University.
  7. Struggles of Women in the Region - the case study of Anganwadi Workers – Dr. Shobha Devi, Formerly of the Center for Women’s Studies, Mangalore University.

Publications of the Centre:

     1. Perspectives on Women’s Issues, Vol I (2010)

     2. Perspectives on Women’s Issues, Vol II (2010)

     3. Mahila Adhyayana: Sadyathegalu mattu Savalugalu (Kannada) (2007)

     4. Lingatva Samanyaya (Kannada) (2007)

     5. Gender Equity (2007)

     6. Mainstreaming Gender in the Curriculum (2010)

     7. Nanu Mattu Nanna Baraha (Kannada) (2012)

Achievements of the Centre:

  1. The Centre has taken initiatives for Mainstreaming Gender in the curriculum of B.A, B.Sc. and B.com. courses at the undergraduate level. At the PG level in Humanities/Social Science, initiative has already been by Mangalore University, to introduce gender courses into the syllabus through a compulsory paper in the department of English and in the department of Sociology.
  2. The Centre has also associated with the “Court of Women” movement and conducted two sessions during the period 2008-09. This concept has been created internationally to highlight how the voices of women seeking justice have been silenced in a variety of way by the mainstream.
  3. The centre liaisons with all the university departments and receives cooperation in the organisation of various events it conducts. It has also networked with other Women’s Studies Centres in the state like the Centre at NMKRV College Bangalore. The Centre has developed close contact with an NGO DEEDS through whom trainers have been taken for the Gender Sensitization programmes.
  4. The Centre has also collaborated with the Karavalli Lekakiyara Vachakiyara Sangha, Mangaluru and the Karnataka Lekakhiyara Sangha, Bengaluru for conducting literary events.
  5. The Centre also collaborates with the Forum Against Atrocities on Women Mangalore to conduct programmes on various issues pertaining to women and has also brought out a joint publication Innu Saaku along with them.