Faculty & Facilities

Ambigara Chowdaiah Adhyayana Peeta

Faculty & Facilities


Dr. K. Nagappa Gowda , Assistant Professor of University College, Mangalore Coordinates the activities of the Peeta. Mr. Venkatesh, Research Assistant has assisted in conducting the programmes of the Peetha.


The peetha proposes to eventually set up a resource base/library on Ambigara Chowdaiah and other sharanas as well as on traditional fishermen community and, the peetha that has begun collection of materials offers it to the researchers for use.


Labs equipped with the Department


  1. Vachanas and its significance with special reference to Ambigara Chowdaiah
  2.  Culture, socio-economic conditions of local and traditional fishermen community
  3. Nature of the emerging scenario in fishing industry, coastal management, relevant governmental policies and programmes,  globalization and larger socio-economic changes in the arena of fishing and their impact on the traditional fishermen communities.          

 Achievements of Centre

  1. Relative success in promoting awareness among youth in the districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi on Vachanas and Ambigara Chowdaiah.
  2. Relative success in sensitization of youth about the culture, life and socio-economic conditions of traditional fishermen community in the context of larger socio-economic developments and, in imparting basic knowledge about coastal management and fishing sector that happens to be one of the basic industries in the districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi