Functions of CDC

Functions of CDC:

  1. Act proactively to bring the uncovered colleges under 2f and 12B of the UGC Act of 1956
  2. Prepare perspective plan for the development of colleges and to advise the  University on all matters relating to the all round development of colleges, removal of regional disparities and  autonomous status
  3. Assist the colleges to improve and sustain the academic, administrative, online and infrastructural facilities, identify the needs and gaps  and to help colleges to realise  their potentialities
  4. Aid the University with regard to rationalisation and implementation of the affiliation policy of the University
  5. Bring colleges closer to University faculties and to promote beneficial linkages for greater academic interaction and cooperation
  6. Disseminate information and help them to formulate proposals for various developmental grants and schemes of UGC and other funding agencies and, to guide them on effective utilisation of these grants and projects
  7. Visit colleges and review the progress of the projects and reports of colleges to ensure proper utilisation of grants of UGC and other funding agencies by the colleges and to submit to such funding agencies the Utilisation certificates and other documents in respect of grants released to colleges by them
  8. Encourage college teachers to avail Faculty Development Programme of UGC for Ph.D and post-doctoral studies, travel grant to present papers abroad in International conference/seminars etc and to apply for minor and major research projects of UGC and other funding agencies
  9. Encourage colleges to adopt  inclusive policies in admission,  engage in quality teaching and research, inculcate scientific temper and social sensitivity among students and to contribute to the creation of knowledge society
  10. Maintain a data base of support schemes provided to the colleges by funding agencies and their utilisation and impact
  11. Maintain a data profile of each colleges as well as of teachers of the colleges affiliated to the university
  12. Perform any other function deemed necessary by the university for enhancing the quality of the education in colleges or in discharge of societal obligation and responsibilities

Regulations & Statutes of Affiliation