Industrial Chemistry



This department was started as a program of M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry in the year 2009by the Department of Chemistry and the program hadattained independentdepartment status in the year 2015. This program is mainly orienting the students to be human resources catering the needs of chemical, pharma and materials based industries in India and abroad.It has a unique pattern of studying 3 semesters at University Campus and a carrying out project work in the 4th semester at the industry wheremost of the candidates get appointed in the industry where he/she has carried out project work.

This has helped in providing almost 100% employments to the graduates. Presently the graduates have been appointed in mega industries located atMangaluru, Mysuru, Bangaluru, Goa, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gujarat etc.  Some of the graduates have pursued higher education and entered into prestigious academic institutions. So this department has a vision “to evolve as self sustainable department with innovative research and development practices for the creation of self reliant individuals and indigenous products”.