Industrial Chemistry FAQs

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is Industrial Chemistry M.Sc. Program?

  • M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry is a program commenced from the academic year 2009-2010 under the auspices of Department of Chemistry with an objective to shape skilled chemistry graduates with highest employable qualities.
  • Program content comprises of academic and industrially important components and it is framed by well experienced chemistry teachers of the universities and experts from institutions and industries.
  • The 3 semesters at the University, 4th semester at the Industry for Project work to provide theoretical, practical and industrial training to the students.

2. Is Industrial Chemistry M.Sc. Program equivalent to Chemistry M.Sc. Program?

  • Yes, it is equivalent to M.Sc. Chemistry program but Industrial Chemistry has a special feature such as, students are trained as an industrial chemist by carrying out a project work in the entire 4th semester.

3. Whether Industrial Chemistry M.Sc. Program is considered for the teaching?

  • Yes of course it is considered for the teaching post as per the government order.  

4. What are the Career Opportunities for a Professional Industrial Chemist?

  • Most of the students were given employment at the  industries where they carry out their M.Sc. Project work and others by appearing for interviews in the concerned industries.

  • Unemployment among industrial chemists is very low. In good times the best candidates have a multitude of choices at attractive salaries. Industrial Chemistry is a field that is challenging and fascinating for study. That it offers a rewarding professional life is a fact.


5.  What are the criteria for the admission in the Industrial Chemistry M.Sc. Program?

  • Candidates who have passed three-year B.Sc. degree in Mangalore University or any other university with Chemistry as optional/major/special subject are eligible for the program.

  • B.Sc. Polymer Chemistry graduates are also eligible for admission to Industrial Chemistry M.Sc. Program.