Center for Women Study

Center for Women Studies

Centre for Women’s Studies


The Centre for Women’s Studies, Mangalore University was established in 2005. With grants from the University Grants Commission of New Delhi, it has been working towards creation of a gender-sensitive climate at various levels in academic and public life. Prof. Kishori Nayak was the first Director of the Centre between 2005-August 2014. After that Prof. Sabiha Bhoomigowda took over and was the Director till June 2016. At present Dr. Anita Ravishankar is the Director of the Centre.


  1. To promote awareness among both women and men, of the need to develop and to realize their full potential as resources for national development in its economic, political and socio-cultural aspects.
  2. To organize teaching programmes and to ensure gender sensitivity among staff and students, both men and women.
  3. To organize research activities with a special focus on solving women’s problems related to socio-economic, educational, health, psychological, political, literary and cultural aspects.
  4. To organize extension activities especially for women in villages for promoting awareness of special programmes for women, their laws and rights.
  5. To organize seminars, workshops and conferences related to women’s issues and empowerment.
  6. To organize advocacy related programmes, to influence public opinion on women’s issues .
  7. To train women in areas such as local government, legal awareness, computer literacy, and need based promotional programmes including vocational, career oriented training and human resource development.