Chemistry Department Facilities

Department of Chemistry


The Department has major equipment like Beckman DU-6 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with kinetic attachment, Shimadzu FTIR- 8700 Infrared spectrophotometer, a Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulphur (CHNS) analyzer and a Shimadzu-GCMS  and a  computer laboratory with  10  personal computers.



The department has 4  M.Sc Laboratories  and 8 Research Laboratories.



The Department has active research groups in the areas of Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Dynamics, Structural Chemistry, electrochemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer and Peptide Chemistry, Liquid Crystals, Drug Discovery Analytical, Co-ordination   and organometallic chemistry.  It had also MOU with NPC Kaiga etc., and extended several research projects with grants from funding agencies namely, UGC, BRNS and DST etc.

The thrust areas of research are:

  1. Analytical Chemistry- to develop new techniques and reagents
  2. Structural and Coordination Chemistry
  3. Physical Organic Chemistry – Reaction dynamics and mechanisms
  4. Synthetic and Heterocyclic Chemistry
  5. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
  6. Solvation dynamics and corrosion
  7. Environmental and Water Chemistry
  8. Polymer chemistry
  9. Organometallic Chemistry


Recognized Research Centres:


  • 1. Centre for Nano Science & Soft Matter Research (CNSMR), Bangalore
  • 2. Centre for Marine Fisheries Research  Institute(CMFRI), Cochin
  • 3. BRIT,Mumbai


  • 1. Advinus Therapeutics Ltd., Bangalore
  • 2. Alkem Laboratories, Bangalore
  • 3. Syngenta Biosciences Goa Ltd.
  • 4. Bal-Pharma, Bangalore
  • 5. Sequent Scientific Ltd, Mangalore
Ph.D.s produced 175
Research papers Published
(in Journals of Impact factor 0.35 to 3.895)
Citation index   of One of the Articles 236
Contributions from the Dept   helped in getting a grant  of Rs. 9 crores  from DST-Purse