Contribution to the Corporate Life

Department of English

Contribution to the Corporate Life

All Staff members are on different committees such as Statute Committee, University Profile Committee, Annual Report Committee, Newsletter Committee and SPARSH.  Similarly, they are in additional charge of UGC sponsored centres like the Centre for Women’s Studies, Nehru Studies Centre and Chairs like the N.G. Pavanje Chair for Fine Arts. 

Dr.R.Shashidhar was in charge of the Nehru Studies Centre for 2 years

Dr.KishoriNayak K., has been Director, Centre for Women’s Studies since 2005 and has been instrumental in conducting several workshops and seminars, as also a series of lectures under its aegis. The Centre has also worked for mainstreaming gender concerns, besides conducting several research projects for documenting women’s lives in the region. Seven books have been brought out as part of the centre’s publication program.

Dr. R. Shashidhar and Dr.RavishankarRao have served on the PTA of the school run by the University employees.Dr RavishankarRao initiated a survey of parents, teachers and students to advise the school on its future growth.

Dr.RavishankarRao has been Director, Student Welfare for 2 years. He also served as Personal Secretary to the Vice Chancellor for 3 terms.  He is Coordinator of the N. G. Pavanje Chair in Fine Arts. He also is Director of the International Students Centre of the University.