Course Intake

Department of Political Science

Course Intake and Details

  1.  Four Semester M.A Programme (Choice Based Credit System)


  1. POL. SC. 401:   Early India: Political Ideas and Concepts
  2.  POL. SC. 402:   Early Western Political Philosophy
  3. POL. SC. 403:    Political Sociology
  4. POL. SC. 404:   International Relations: Theories and Structures
  5. POL. SC. 405:    Political Ideas  and Ideologies in Modern India


  1. 1. POL. SC. 451:  Modern Western Political Philosophy
  2.  POL. SC. 452:  Modern Political Theory
  3. POL. SC. 453:  Identity Politics
  4. POL. SC. 454:   International Relations: Trends and Issues
  5. POL. SC. 455: Social Science Research: Perspectives


  1. POL. SC. 501: Trends in Indian Politics[Choice Based paper]
  2. POL. SC. 502:  Development Administration
  3. POL. SC. 503:   European Union: Institutions , Policies and Politics
  4. POL. SC. 504:   U.S. Foreign Policy
  5. POL. SC. 505:   Research Methodology


  1. POL. SC. 551:  Panchayat Raj in India                                                                  
  2. POL. SC. 552:   Regional cooperation in South Asia
  3. POL. SC. 553:  India’s Foreign Policy
  4. POL. SC. 554:  Contemporary India: Politics and Society
  5.  POL. SC. 555:   Contemporary Political theories
  1. Ph.D Programme

The department has been offering Phd programmes ever since its inception. These programmes are in keeping with the specifications and regulations laid down by the University Grants Commission. So far 24 research students have successfully completed their research and been awarded doctoral degrees. At present there are 33 research scholars in the department working on different aspects of the discipline. Besides, 5 students have been awarded M.phil degrees during the past few years.

Intake - M.A.: General Category - 30

Partially Self-financing Scheme- 20