Department of Physics


Facilities provided in the Department

Well furnished computer center with internet facilty.


Labs equipped with the Department:

GM Counter,Gamma Ray Spectrometer, Michelson’s Interferometer, Ultrasonic Interferometer, Constant Deviation Spectrometer, UV-Visible Spectrometer, ESR, SSNTD

 Positron Annihilation, AFM, Laser Ablation Unit, UV-Vis Spectrometer, Nd:YAG Laser, Electrometer, Impedance Analyzer, UTM, Radio Active Measurement Unit, Thin Film Coating Unit

Research Facility with National recognition: Microtron centre

Microtron Centre (Source Measurement Unit, Simultaneous DSC/TGA, Electrophoresis Unit, DLTS, Impedance Analyzer, Incubator, Laminator, Research Microscope with Imaging Software, HPGe detector with accessories, Photo Fission Chamber)



Microtron Accelerator, Powder XRD, PLD, Gamma ray spectrometer, AFM, Positron life time  Spectrometer, Nd-YAG laser,UTM , Impedance Analyzer, Thin Film Coating Unit, UV-Vis spectrophotometer etc.