History Programmes/Courses

Department of History

History Programmes/Courses

  • Regular:
  • The present  syllabus is the recently revised one.
  • From the beginning of the department, it has been regularly revised.
  • The most recent research findings are incorporated both at the Post-graduate level and in Ph.D.
  • The syllabus enables our students to venture into Civil Service Examinations – both Central and State with confidence.​


 Historiographical Traditions in Pre-Modern India. 

Colonialism and Nationalism in East Asia

Colonial Processes in India

Art and Architecture in Karnataka to A.D.14th Century

Modern Karnataka (c.1750-1956)


 Modern Indian Historiography

Colonialism and Nationalism in West Asia

Making of the Indian Nation

Social Formations in Early India

Society and Economy in Early Karnataka to A.D.1000

Choice based paper : India’s Struggle for Freedom 1857 – 1947
Philosophy and Methods of History
Theories of Colonialism and Imperialism
Modern European Revolutions
Contemporary World

Historiography in Modern West
Modern World Systems
State in Early India
Intellectual History of Modern Europe
State and Society in Contemporary India