Laboratory Infrastructure

Microtron Center

Laboratory Infrastructure


Major research projects sanctioned by BRNS and DST have helped in developing the laboratory infrastructure at the Microtron Centre.  Some of the equipment present in the Microtron Centre laboratory are:


  • High sensitive ionisation chamber based radiation survey meters (Victoreen & Ludlum), Zone monitors (BARC / ECIL make), Direct Reading Dosimeters, etc.
  • Biological grade incubator with inner dimensions 18”x18”x24” with digital temperature readout and control with an accuracy of ±0.1oC)
  • Fission chamber (brass) for fission experiments consisting of a target and SSNTD film mounting facility
  • Research Microscope (Olympus) with DIC/ Phase / Dark Field / Fluorescence attachment and Image Analyzer with Camera
  • Silver wrapped GM detector with accessories for neutron based experiments
  • Impedance Analyzer (Agilent 4294A) with a frequency range of 40 Hz to 110 MHz



Impedance Analyser

  • Simultaneous DSC-TGA Unit (SDT Q600 – TA Instruments) with temperature range up to 1500°C




Simultaneous DSC-TGA Unit

  • Capacitance-Voltage (CV) Measurement Unit
  • Keithley Source Measure Unit 236 (2 Nos.) with Trigger Controller



Keithley Source Measure Units


  • Spectroflourometer (Agilent make RF6000) with measurement wavelength range from 200nm to 900nm for both Excitation and Emission
  • HpGe detector (DSG300) with accessories



HpGe Detector with accessories

  • Laminar flow, Autoclave, Centrifuge and hot water shaker bath for biophysics studies