List of Books Published by Applied Botany Faculties

List of Books Published by Faculties

SI.No Name of the Author (I/II/III) Title of the Book Book/Chapter ISSN/ISBN No Publisher Year of Publication
1 Chandrashekar K R., Bhagya N Medicinal Plants (Collections in M.V. Shasthry Herbal Garden) - - vol 1. Ayurveda Bhushana M. V. Shastry Memorial Chair, Mangalore University, Mangalore, Karnataka, India 2017
2 Bhagya N, Chandrashekar K R. Pharmacological Profile of Ethnomedicinal Plants” Eds (Dr. H P Sharma & Paras Jain). Cyclea peltata: secondary metabolites and pharmacological potential - Agrobios International 2016
3 Vasanthraj B.K., P.V. Shivaprasad and K.R. Chandrashekar Tropical Ecosystems Structure Diversity and Human Welfare Dipterocarps in a sacred grove at Nandikoor, Udipi district of Karnataka - Oxford-IBM 2001
4 Chalannavar et al. Advances in Plant Sciences and Biotechnology Anti-mosquitoes properties of Essential oils from South African Plants. 91-105.2015 Prof. Krishnan and Rodrigues 2015
5 Viveka M R, Bhagya N, Chandrashekar K R. Herbal Drug Technology and Ethnobotany In-vitro studies on antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory properties of Myristica dactyloides Gaertn. 978-93-5254-227-7 - 2014
6 Shobha.D. and K. R. Chandrashekar Frontiers in fungal Ecology, Diversity and Metabolites (Ed. K. R. Sridhar). Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Salinity stress in Crop plants - International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, 2009, PP- 151-159 2009
7 K.R. Chandrashekar Coastal Plant Diversity - - KUIDFC – KUDCEMP, Mangalore, 2006
8 Dr. Krishna Kumar.G and Dr. Sooryaprakash Shenoy Plant Diversity of Western Ghats - - KUIDFC – KUDCEMP, Mangalore, 2006
9 K. R. Sridhar, K.R. Chandrashekar K.M. Kaveriappa The Ecology of Aquatic Hyphomycetes The aquatic Hyphomycetes of Indian subcontinent - Springer-Verlag Heidelberg 1991