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Mangalore varsity gets online facility to check documents

Mangalore University on Wednesday launched Global Document Verification System (GDVS) for degree certificates and marks card verification process. With this, Mangalore University becomes Karnataka's first state university to launch paperless verification using GDVS.

The outsourced online system will provide advantages such like speedy and paperless verification to students, global alumni, institutions, national and multinational companies, government agencies and embassies. The lengthy process of document verification, that takes three weeks to 90 days manually, will be reduced to 2-3 days through GDVS. The system is cost-effective, transparent and capable of preventing fraud, it's also highly secure and doesn't allow data piracy. The system was introduced through myeasydocs.com, an IIT-Madras incubated company.

Mangalore University vice-chancellor K Byrappa said those who need the certificates and marks cards verified may upload them to www.mangaloreuniversity.directverify.in and make an online payment.

"The University will verify the credentials of the uploaded certificate or marks cards with university records. On completion of verification, an e-mail with a link of the verified document is sent to the requesting party," Byrappa said, adding the university receives an average of 600-650 applications for document verification directly, through post and courier in a month.

"GDVS is launched because of numerous fake documents that have hampered the credibility of various institutions, rendering the certificates to lose their value," Byrappa said.