Materials Science

Department of Material Science


              Materials science is a relatively new branch of study that involves both the physical and chemical aspects of materials, more specifically the study of structure- property correlation of materials. Development of human civilization depended strongly on materials and particular age of human development is referred to the prominent material used during the period like Stone Age, Bronze Age etc. Even today, every conceivable technological development – Space Technology, Nuclear Technology, Communication Technology, Electronics, Automobiles to name a few-depends on the material to be used. In each of the applications, different properties assume significance. It is impossible to keep track of hundreds of materials and their modifications emerging in a very rapid pace. However, a sound foundation on the underlying principles of materials formation and manipulation of their properties would immensely help in not only developing new materials with tailored properties, but also in selecting materials for specific applications. Therefore, study of materials science has evolved into a major thrust area at all levels in most of the institutions across the globe.


            Development of top quality human resources in Materials Science.

About the department:

             The M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in Materials Science were started way back in 1988 with the starting of Materials Science Division, which became an independent department in 1994. This is one of the very few departments in Universities in the country to offer M.Sc. programme in Materials Science since its inception.The MSc programme, involves both Physics and Chemistry with emphasis on technologically important materials such as smart materials, semiconductors, nano-materials, composites, polymers, ceramics etc. Since the inception, the department has been highly successful in encouraging and facilitating many students to pursue a career in research. This fact is authenticated by the large percentage of students who have qualified in GATE and joined for research in various areas of Materials Science in prestigious institutes such as IISc, IGCAR Kalpakkam, BARC, JNCASR, CeNS, IISERs, Universities in Singapore, Korea, Germany, USA etc. Nearly 40% of our graduates have gone for higher studies to become Managers, Post Docs, Research Scientists and Faculty in India and abroad at places like GE, BARC, DRDO, ISRO, Samsung, Global Foundries, Ruhr University Germany, IMRE Singapore, University of Nevada, USA etc.

           Many graduates, who preferred teaching profession have joined reputed engineering/degree/PU colleges like MIT Manipal, MITE Mudabidri, Canara engineering college, Sridevi engineering college, Vivekandanda engineering college, Alvas engineering college, SDM college, Vivekananda college, Canara college, Expert PU college, Mahesh PU college, Vikas PU college, St. Aloysius PU college etc. in the vicinity and other institutes/universities in different cities like SRM University, MS Ramayya University, PGC College of Technology etc

         In the research field, faculty members could successfully carry out research projects with funding from various government agencies in areas of Thin Films, Shape Memory Alloys, Nanoparticles, Polymers, Solar Cells etc. Significant number of research papers in refereed international journals, three monographs and nine book chapters were published from the department. The research work from the department has attracted recognitions to the faculty members in terms of post-doctoral fellowships, prestigious awards like Sir CV Raman Young Scientist Award, Materials Research Society of India Medal ( MRSI Medal) and Fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) London etc