MBA Student Achievements

Department of Commerce

MBA Student achievements

Students participated in Blood Donation Camps, Environment Awareness Camps, Faculty participates in the activities of Co-operative Society, Educational Society etc.

Special Lectures & workshops organized by the department

Details of student enrichment programmes (special lectures / workshops / seminar) involving external experts.


  1. Mr. Klaus Haberich, Senior Vice President for Planning & Global Programs, Columbus (USA), delivered a special lecture on "Studying in Abroad" on 5-8-2008
  2. Mr. Godfrey Mendes, Dean of Students & Assistant Campus Dean, Abu Dhabi, delivered a special lecture on "Studying in Middle East" on 5-8-2008
  3. Mr. R.Krishnamurthy, Faculty of IBS, Hyderabad delivered a special guest lecture on "Capacity Building" on 17.10.2008.
  4. Mr. K.S.Koppalkar, GGM (MAT)-MRPL, Mangalore delivered a lecture on "Supply Chain Management" on 13.11.2008.
  5. Prof. Ramesh, Goa University delivered a special lecture on "Gloabal Financial Crisis" on 29.11.2008.
  6. Mr. Nithin Kumar, DC HR Executive, Mangalore delivered a lecture on "Job Market Trends" on 23.1.2009.
  7. Mr. Vaikunt R.Prabhu, Director of Direct Edge, Mangalore delivered a lecture on "Selling Skills" on 2.3.2009.
  8. Mr. Ajith Mairpady, Manager - Foreign Exchange Department, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi delivered a lecture on "Dealing in Foreign Exchange Market" on 9­3-2009


a). Mr. Ajith Mairpady, Manager, Foreign Exchange Department delivered a special lecture on "Foreign Exchange Dealer" on 15th Oct.2009 & 4th March 2010

b). Mr. Purandara.Shetty, Senior General Manager, BAFF India Ltd., Mangalore delivered a special lecture on "Current corporate opportunities" on 3rd Nov.2009.

c). Mr. Jovana Ruzicic, Director, AAS, Sarbia delivered a lecture on "Importance of public Relations in the World of Business" on 12th Nov.2009.


Mr. Sharath Kumar, addressed the students on .Project Management and Management Information System on 27th July, 2010.

  1. Prof. Ganeshan, University of Kerala spoke on the topic Business application of Quantitative techniques to the students on 20th September, 2010.
  2. Dr. Stephan Schroder-KOhne, University Wurzburg, and Dr. Heidrun Bruckner, Professor of Indology, addressed the students on Importance of European Union on

22nd October, 2010.

     d. Mr. Vivek Hegde, Branch Manager, HDFC Standard Life, addressed the students of the department on "Opportunities and Challenges in Insurance Sector" on 28th October, .2010.

     e. Dr. Mithra N.Hegde,  A.B.Shetty Dental College, Nitte University, Derlakatte addressed the students on "How to succeed as Manager" on 19th November, 2010.

     f. Prof. Chachadi, , Director, Kousali Institute of Management, Karnatak University,Dharwad spoke on  the topic "Challenges in  Management" on 16th December,2010.

    g. Two days National Seminar "Role of Higher Education in Entrepreneurship Development in India" at University College, Mangalore, held on 19-20th January,2011.

    h. Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Visiting Professor at Harvard University, Former Cabinet Minister for Commerce, Law & Justice, Govt. of India addressed the students of the department on the topic "Developmental Policies of India in the era of Globalization" on 26th February .2011.

   i. Prof. Dr. B.Rajendraprasad, Principal and Dean, A.B.Shetty Dental College, Nitte and Dr. Amith H.V.,   Department of Public Health Dentistry A.B.Shetty University, Nitte, Mangalore addressed the students of MBA & MBA (TA) on the topics "Current Developments in Dentistry" and "Significance of Dental Health" on 4th March.2011

  j .Dr. Ms. Carolin Gallez, Team Leader, Algeria Trade Facilitation Programme, European Union, Europe, addressed the MBA & MBA (TA) students & faculty members on "Trade as a Driver of Propserity" and "How to Export to European Union" on 9th March 2011.


a)  Mr. Pavel Svitil, Deputy Head of European Union delegation to India, addressed the Faculty, Research Scholars & Students of the department on 24.08.2011.

b)   Ms.FAYNE, Bloomberg Worldwide -   U.S.   addressed the Students of the department on 06.09.2011.

c)   Mr. Minoo F.Titina, General Manager, Administration & Human Resources,Soluscare Health Solutions Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai -   will be delivered special lectures to the MBA & MBA (TA) students of the department on the topic "Effective Communication Skills  & Time Management" on 21.09.2011.

d)   Organised "Entrepreneurs Awareness Programme" in our Department for the students and staff on 01.03.2012in association with Karnataka State Financial Corporation,Mangalore.

e)  Organised a invited lecture on "Mind Management and Living Values" on 17.03.2012 in our department in association with Brahma Kumari Vishveshwari, Centre Incharge, Brahma Kumaris, Mangalore.


a)   A special lecture on " Attaining and retaining success" was delivered by Prof.Ravikumar, IIM- Bangalore on 24-09-2012

b)   Organised "Data analysis using Advanced MS Excel" workshop held on 21.12.2012 to 31.12.2012.


  1. The Department organized a National Level Management Meet, Cross Roads-2014, on 10-11th March, 2014.  
  2.    Organised "Data analysis using Advanced MS Excel" workshop held on 21.12.2013 to 31.12.2013.



Name of the Guest with address

Purpose of visit

Lecture delivered

(topic) if any



Dr. Sharath Saxena

MBA farewell

The Economy and Industry Scenario



Mr. Philipp

Invited Lecture

India Africa relations

23-27th Sept.2014


Dr. G.Muller

Invited Lecture

European Debt crisis

23th Sept.2014


Mariola Mascarnhas

Invited Lecture

The Management Education in Canada.

27th Sept.2014


B.Ganesh Kumar

Invited Lecture

What is expected of MBA Graduates

27th Sept.2014


Mr. P.Srinivas Rao

Invited Lecture

What is expected of MBA Graduates

27th Sept.2014


Mr. K.Prakash Kamath

Invited Lecture

What is expected of MBA Graduates

27th Sept.2014


Mr. Suvarna Joshi

Invited Lecture

Stock Market

14th Oct.2014


Mr. John Lalit D’Souza

Invited Lecture

The corporate Scenario

2nd Nov.2014

Organised "Data analysis using Advanced MS Excel Macros" workshop held on 22.12.2014 to 31.12.2014.