Mission & About Center

Kodava Peetha


  • To study the history of the Kodava people, and brings out the rich archaeological and literary sources that go to the making of that history.
  • To explore and record the varied ethnographical and sociological facets of society in Kodagu.
  • To study the religious beliefs and practices, folk traditions and performing arts of the region.
  • To survey the monuments, both religious and secular, to create popular awareness for their protection.
  • To study Kodava language and literature, both oral and written, to highlight the cultural identity and achievements of the people.
  • To study the ecological basis of the Kodava life.
  • To arrange seminars, workshops, symposia and special lectures on the above themes.
  • To bring out monographs on the various studies on the subject, including translations.
  • To create an archive to preserve the documents pertaining to Kodava history and culture.
  • To undertake such other activities as would serve the above general ends.

About the Centre

  • The Government of Karnataka has proposed to institute an endowment chair in Mangalaore University under the title ‘Kodava Samskrithika Adhyayna Peetha in Mangalore University. Kodava Samsktitika Adhyayana Peetha this chair was established in 2008. 
  • The Kodava Samskritika Adhyayana Peetha was formally inaugurated at the F.M.K.M.C. College, Madikeri, on 25.10.2010.