Other Officers

Deans of Faculties

Officer Name Telephone No. (Office) Telephone No. (Residence)
Arts Dr. Kishori Nayak K. 0824-2287381 -
Science Dr. K. M. Balakrishna 0824-2888699  9449591466(M)
Commerce Dr. Ishwara.P 0824-2287263 9986403861(M) 
Education Dr. C K Kishore Kumar 0824-2287204 7411735203(M)


Officer Name Telephone No. (Office) Telephone No. (Residence)
Librarian(I/C) Dr.Purushotham Gowda 0824-2287361 0824-2287366
Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Board Dr. V Ravindrachary   0824-2287278 9448835976(M)
Director of Students Welfare Prof.B. Udaya 0824-2287453 9448331284(M)
Director of College Development Council Prof. Jayaraj Amin 0824-2287368 9448296840(M)
Director of Physical Education Dr. C K Kishore Kumar
0824-2287204 9448178402(M)
Director, Computer Centre Dr. B.H Shekar
0824-2287414 9480146921(M)
Director, International Study Center Prof. Ravi shankar Rao 0824-2287381 9448300540(M)
Director, Prasaranga Prof. Ismail B   9448546006(M)
Director University Employment Information &
Guidance Bureau
Prof. K.S Jayappa 0824-2287696 9448214818(M)
Director, Center For Correspondence Courses Prof. S M Dharamaprakash 0824-2287824 9449805183(M)
Deputy Director, Center For Correspondence Courses      
Director, University Industry Interaction Center      
Executive Engineer

Sri. Lava Mahadevappa Dombara

(In Charge) 

0824-2287264 7760009032(M)
Head, USIC Dr. H.M.Somashekarappa 0824-2287671 0824-2428898
Deputy Registrar (Admin.)/Special Officer

Dr. R. Nagappa Gowda

Deputy Registrar (Evaluation)/Special Officer Mr. Ramesh H.N. 0824-2287404  
Special Officer Vice Chancellor's Secretariat   0824-2287347  
Assistant Finance Officer Sri Panduranga Prabhu 0824-2287376 0824-2215759
Special Officer, SC/ST Cell Dr. Puttanna K 0824-2287233 9449662626(M)
Deputy Librarian Dr. T.Y. Mallaiah 0824-2284311 0824-2288375
Deputy Registrar and Estate Officer(Revenue) Sri Prabhakar Neermarga - -
P.S. to Vice Chancellor Sri U Gopal 0824-2287347 0824-2287254
N.S.S. Programme Co-Ordinator Smt. Vineetha rai 0824-2421037 9343565817(M)
Assistant Registrar (Evaluation) Smt. Ashalatha 0824-2287283 9480230994(M)
Assistant Registrar (Evaluation) Sri Padmanabha B 0824-2287659 0824-2454046
Assistant Registrar (EST and Syndicate) Smt. Rajeshwari N 0824-2287288 0824-2287694
Assistant Registrar (Academic) Smt. Jayashree Kamath 0824-2287314 0824-2288409
Assistant Registrar (Dev. & Adm.) Smt. Bharathi 0824-2287474 0824-2414755
Assistant Registrar (SC/ST Cell) Smt. Vasudha Karkera 0824-2287394 0824-2254475
Assistant Registrar (General) Sri Purushotham Naik 0824-2287394 0824-2015698
Medical Officer (In Charge) Dr. Chandrakala Shenoy 0824-2287590 9902336628(M)
Lady Medical Officer   0824-2287590  
Warden, University Hostel for Women Dr. H L Shashirekha 0824-2287319 0824-2288353
Warden, University Hostel for Men Dr. Mohan S.Singhe 0824-2287206 9481280481(M)
Warden, Working Women's Hostel Dr. M Chandra 0824-2287642 7353812285(M)