Programs Offered

Programs Offered

The Department of PG Studies was started in the year 1996 as a part of the Directorate of Physical Education offering a two year post graduate degree (MPES). Later, in 2003 owing to demand for a BPEd degree and to stay in tune with the existing degrees in Karnataka state, the MPES degree was discontinued and a one year degree (BPEd) and two year degree (MPEd - 2004) was offered. At present the department is engaged in teaching and research and has an one hundred percent placement record in the state and outside. At present the degrees being offered by the department are MPEd  and doctoral degrees.


MPEd Programme Duration

Two years or four semesters.


Entry Requirements

Degree in Bachelors of Physical Education (BPEd) or equivalent in BPE.

(undergraduate degree).



The candidates are selected on the basis of BPEd marks, entrance exam (physical and written tests) and sports achievements. The written test will be of objective questions format and the sports achievement will be graded based on the level of achievement.


Course Content

The MPEd programme is multi-disciplinary in nature and brings together the subjects of Sociology, History, Research, Evaluation, Sports Physiology, Sports training, Sports Biomechanics and Kinesiology, Sports Psychology etc.

The programme will focus on four main domains

  • Theoretical and conceptual framework of different disciplines on the basis of which sports administration, evaluation and performance is developed.
  • Specialisation in a game/sport in each of the semesters which makes a candidate learn the intricacies of coaching and officiating in the specialised game/sport.
  • Lab experiences pertaining to various sports sciences such as sports physiology, sports training, sports psychology, biomechanics and Kinesiology and Computer Applications.
  • Practical teaching and coaching experiences in various Schools and colleges.
  • Further certain optional and choice based subjects will be offered to the students to cater to their requirements and interests.


Teaching Modules

Semester 1

Theory – Core

MDH 401   Research Process in Physical Education & Sports Sciences

MDH 402   Principles and Methods of Sports Training

MDH 403   Test, Measurement and Evaluation  in Physical Education

Theory – Electives

MDS 404    Yogic Sciences

MDS 405    Sports Technology


MDH 406   Specialisation - Track and Field I – Running Events and Hurdles

MDH 407   Lab - Physiology of    Exercise

MDH 408   Test, Measurement and Evaluation

MDS 409    Games Specialisation – Wrestling / Football / Hockey (Any one)


Semester 2

Theory – Core

MDH 451   Open Elective - Fitness and Wellness

MDH 452   Applied Statistics in Physical Education & Sports

MDH 453   Physiology of Exercise

Theory – Electives

MDS 454    Sports Journalism and Mass Media

MDS 455    Sports Management


MDH 456   Specialisation - Track and Field II – Jumping Events

MDH 457   Lab - Physiology of Exercise

MDH 458  Coaching lessons in Track and Field and Games

MDS 459    Games Specialisation– Kho Kho / Volleyball / Cricket (Any one)


Semester 3

Theory – Core

MDH 501   Open Elective - Contemporary trends in Physical Education and Sports

MDH 502   Sports Psychology

Theory – Electives

MDS 503    Sports Sponsorship

MDS 504    Adapted and Corrective Physical Education

MDS 505    Sports Medicine


MDH 506   Specialisation - Track and Field III – Throwing Events

MDH 507   Lab - Sports Psychology

MDH 508   Internship

MDS 509    Games Specialisation – Badminton / Kabaddi / Weightlifting (Any one)


Semester 4

Theory – Core

MDH 551   Dissertation

MDH 552   Biomechanics and Kinesiology

Theory – Electives

MDS 553    Value and Environmental Education

MDS 554    Sports Sociology

MDS 555    ICT in Physical Education


MDH 556   Specialisation - Track and Field IV - Combined Events, Cross Country, Race Walking, Track and Field marking and officiating

MDS 557    Lab - Biomechanics and Kinesiology

MDS 558    Computer Applications

MDS 559    Games Specialisation – Handball / Tennis / Basketball (Any one)


Maximum Intake

MPEd – 40 students

Doctoral Programme

Research opportunities are offered in the department by Providing facilities for research and awarding doctoral degrees. The research streams include Sports Sociology, Sports Psychology, Sports Management and Sports Biological Sciences.



4 years for full time and 6 years for part-time.


Entry Requirements

Post graduate in Physical Education with a minimum of 50% marks at the post graduate level. Inter disciplinary research is also encouraged.



The selection is through a combination of entrance exam and interview. NET/SLET/JRF candidates are given due credit. Further marks at the postgrauate degree level will be considered for assigning merit.


Course Content

The first six months consists of course work which consists of two papers after which the candidate will be evaluated with an exam. On passing the course work exam the candidate is registered under the respective research guide who will guide the candidate through his/her research work.


Future Prospects

  • Physical Education teachers  in schools and colleges
  • Additional NIS coaching diploma will enable a coaching job
  • Fitness Trainer and consultant
  • Sports scientists
  • Sports Administrators
  • Sports Trainers