R&D Activities

Microtron Center

R& D Activities


Systematic R&D activities in the field of radiation physics and associated interdisciplinary areas of Science and Technology have been carried out.  A brief account of these research activities carried out are:

  • Systematic studies on radiation dosimetry to have detailed dose distribution, beam uniformity and radiation mapping aspects of the accelerator
  • Modification / tailoring of electrical characteristics of semiconductor materials / devices at graded doses at different temperatures.
  • Irradiation studies on solar cells fabricated using different materials and techniques
  • Radiation biophysics studies with an objective to study the Relative Biological Effectiveness, radiation induced effects on yeast, bacteria and human blood cells using different methods / conditions.
  • Neutron activation experiments using a beryllium based photo neutron converter
  • Photofission experiments in the near threshold energy region using bremsstrahlung radiation using Uranium- 238, Thorium-232 and Neptunium -237 to study the anisotropy in angular distribution of the fission fragments near the threshold region, photofission cross sections, their energy dependence and the shape of the fission barrier.
  • Studies on development of radiation resistant materials for different applications
  • Radiation effects on nanoparticles in different polymer matrices
  • Effect of electron irradiation on varieties of thin films, organic crystals, smart materials, certain oxide  glasses, different polymeric materials including biopolymers
  • Studies on implantable drug delivery systems and intelligent biomaterials and so on
  • Studies on nutritional quality and shelf life improvement of bakery and agro based food products, aqua-feeds, non-conventional legumes after exposing them to electrons
  • Radio-resistive properties of various plants and plant extracts – in vivo and in-vitro studies
  • Irradiation effects on Coconut coir
  • Radiation processing of variety of materials