Research Projects

Research Projects (list of ongoing & completed research projects)

Six major research projects (including one under Emeritus Professorship) have been taken up. These include “Aristotle to Derrida”, translation of a Kannada epic, “MaleyaMahadeswara”, “Romanticism, Politics and the Caste Factor”, “Feminism/s from the Developing World’, “(Re)writing (Wo)men’s (Hi)stories” “AbhivraddhishilaDeshagalaStrivadiChintanegalu”(UGC Major Research Project for translation from English into Kannada). Further, a minor project entitled “An Orientalist Analysis of Gandhi”


Research Collaborations (both National & International)

Karnataka, Lesotho, Bahia: A collaborative history of Global Switzerland c. 1830—1900

A five year project involving participants from three countries: Karnataka -India, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and Lesotho-South Africa

Principal Investigator-Bernhard C. Schär ,ETH (EidgenössischeTechnischeHochschule) Zürich, Switzerland.

Overseas Partner from India- Dr.Parinitha, Mangalore University.

Period of the Project- 2020-2025 (Postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19)

The principal aim of this project is to initiate a deep, enduring, empirical and collaborative reflection on the historical circumstances, functions and effects of 19th century Swiss global encounters in three regions of the world and in Switzerland itself. The aim is to initiate scholarly dialogues on the strong but still rarely studied historical entanglements between Brazil, Southern Africa, South India and Central Europe. This dialogue will explicitly allow for converging as well as competing interpretations reaching out to European and non-European audiences in Portuguese, Sesotho, Kannada, Malayalam, as well as German, French, or English. Taken together, the three sub-projects will allow for a deep, systematic and collaborative reflection on how the largely unknown history of Swiss overseas expansion concurrently shaped three interrelated processes: 1) regional transformations overseas, 2) the making of modern Switzerland ‘at home’; and 3) the establishment of global, trans-regional infrastructures and imperial cultures.