About the Department of Education

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An opportunity for a bright future

Emergence of the Department

Mangalore University has introduced a new and very significant wing since 2016. It is the “Department of Studies in Education”. This department has been initiated after 35 years of the commencement of Mangalore University, and this dream of the people of Mangaluru was realized because of the pioneering spirit of the former Vice ChancellorDr. (Mr.) K. Byrappa. Being an academic and highly professional, he toiled to bring to light this department, facing innumerable challenges. As a result of his efforts, the Department of Education has come into existence with the full potential. The Department ensures promising results in every year.  The present Vice-Chancellor Prof. P. Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya has a crucial role both in the emergence and development of the Department of Education and leading the department with a great zeal to take it to heights.



The Master of Education (M.Ed) offered by the Department of Education is meant for candidates desirous of pursuing post-graduate programme in education. Besides preparing teacher educators, it also aims at preparing educational administrators, supervisors and researchers.

The M.Ed. Programme comprises of the theoretical courses including specialized courses in the discipline of education and related practical/field work including exposure and training in a teacher education institution. In addition, research work in the form of dissertation prepares the students to be good researchers in the field. The programme specifically aims at developing academic skills, teaching skills as well as life skills. Promoting humane skills, professional competencies and self learning skills is the special focal point of the programme.


Ensuring Prosperous Future!

All students, who join this Department, are assured of a highly prosperous and successful future. At present, the Department offers M.Ed. Course as well as a two - year B.Ed course in Open and Distance Learning mode.


Promising Academic Ambience!

The department has a very good academic ambience. It aims at developing competencies required of teachers/ teacher educators, rather than infusing theoretical knowledge. Development of competencies like communication, human interaction, and self –learning are the main focus. Research needs will especially be given priority. Students will be trained for different modes of presentation and communication. They will be encouraged to participate in state and national level conferences.