Wi-Fi Usage Guidelines:

  • Wi-Fi usage is available to students, research scholars and staff of the University.
  • Wi-Fi usage is meant for mobile devices such as Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone. Wi-Fi is not available for fixed desktop devices, as they are provided wired access to internet.
  • Each user is allowed to access Wi-Fi using only one mobile device and the same has to be registered once with the Computer Centre. Separate registration form is available for Staff, Students and Rsearch Scholar.
  • Each user shall present the mobile device along with the duly filled in registration form, for device registration.
  • After the Registration, Users’ credentials such as username, password shall be emailed to the user.
  • User can avail Wi-Fi facility using only registered devices and with the allotted user credentials.
  • Wi-Fi access is through a shared medium (air) and performance may vary as it is affected by several dynamic parameters.
  • Registration for students is valid for three months and needs to be re-registered for continuing usage.
  • Registration for research scholar is valid for six months and needs to be re-registered for continuing usage.
  • Re-registration request can be submitted in plain paper forwarded through Chairman/Head of the Department.
  • Please contact Computer Centre for any assistance and / clarification regarding Wi-Fi usage.
  • Blank registration forms may downloaded from www.mangaloreuniversity.ac.in/wifi
  • In case the Registered Device is lost, please inform the Computer Centre immediately.

Download the following Registration Form and submit it to Computer Centre to access the WiFi facility: