Research Projects

Research Projects


list of Ongoingprojects:


A major project “Food Security in India: A case Study in Coastal District of Karnataka”, by Dr. WajeedaBano, sanctioned by ICSSR under IMPRESS Scheme, New Delhi. Rs. 6,00000/- 2019-2021.

Completed   Research Projects.
By Prof.Vishwanatha


Educational Status of Scheduled Castes: Achievements and Challenges in Karnataka and Goa, ICSSR New Delhi, Rs.53.00 lakhs, 2012-2014.


Discrimination and Social Exclusion: A Study on Development Experience of  Dalits in Karnataka Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi, Rs.40,16,000 by. 2009-2014.

Titles of the specific projects under this programme:

  1. Poverty, Unemployment and lack of access to resources among Dalits of Karnataka.                 
  2.  Political participation and empowerment: A study on Panchayat raj Institutions and Dalits in Karnataka.
  3. Dalits, Primary Education and discrimination in Karnataka.
  4.  Practice of Untouchability, discrimination and Violence against Dalits in Karnataka.                      

 v).     Dalit Movement and Empowerment: A study of Karnataka

Nature, Causes and Patterns of Social Exclusion and Policies to Promote  Integration  - A comparative study of India and France, Rs,7,00,000/- sponsored by ICSSR and MSH-PARIS, FRANCE2009.


Ensuring Dalit Rights: A Study on the Role of Statutory Institutions in  Karnataka, Sponsored by PRIA, New Delhi,  2011


The Socio-Economic Survey of Tribes in Coorg, Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts, Sponsored by UGC ( 1, 00,000) through the Centre for Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Studies Mangalore University


Measuring the Environmentally Sustainable Agricultural Income for Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka, 6, 80,100/- Sponsored by UGC, 2006-2009.


Nature, Causes and Patterns of Social Exclusion and Policies to Promote  Integration  - A comparative study of India and France, ICSSR and MSH-PARIS, FRANCE,Rs,7.00,000/- 2009.


Displacement and Livelihood: A Study of Mangalore Refineries and Petrochemical Limited (MRPL) rehabilitation colony with Special to Dalit Families Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi. 2, 73, 000/- 2008.


An Evaluation of SC/ST hostels functioning in Mangalore, Udupi and Coorg Districts – with special reference to Social Welfare Department Hostels Sponsored by UGC through the Centre for Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Studies, Mangalore University  Rs.80,000/-  2006-2007.

Prof. Arabi U.


The application of Net – work (web – based) learning methodology in Tertiary Distance Education: A case Study  in Karnataka, sponsored by Distance Education Council,  IGNOU, New Delhi,Rs.97,000,2007.


Evaluating the Problems of Pricing and Cost Recovery of Urban Water Supply Services: A Case Study of Mangalore City Corporation Area, sponsored by UGC, DELHI.Rs.6,46,000/For 3 years 2008-2011.


The Impact of Subsidies on Sustainability of Fisheries Resources and on Trade: A Cost –Benefit Analysis of Fishery Sector in the Coastal Karnataka, sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi. Rs. 3,41,850 , 08-12-2008 - 19.4.2011

Prof.Shripathi Kalluraya.P


Role of Non-Profit organization in Development: A Case Study of Dakshina Kannada”.Sponsored by  (ICSSR), 2004-06.


“Decentralization and Economic Development” A comparative Study of Karnataka and Kerala.   Rs. 3,26,560, Sponsored by UGC, 2002-05,


“Role of Voluntary Agencies in Rural Development” Sponsored by UNIVERSITY OF MYSORE, 2002


“Self-Employed Women” under the auspicious of the Women’s Study Centre, Mangalore University, 2007

Dr.Wajeeda Bano


Evaluation of Micro finance Activities in D K District” a minor project of 50,000/- sponsored by Mangalore University. 2016-2018.

Prof P. A. Rego


Economic Impact of Change in Cropping Pattern: A Case Study in D.K. District,Rs.40.000/- sponsored by UGC - 2001.


Decentralized Planning in Water Harvesting and Water Markets: A Case Study in D.K. District, Rs, 60,000/-    Sponsored by UGC – 2004.


Decentralization   and Economics Development - Comparative Study of Karnataka and Kerala,  3,63,350/-   sponsored by UGC 2004,2006.

Dr. Jaysheela


“Rural Non-Farm Employment in Karnataka: A Case Studyof Dakshina Kannada District,

Rs. 4,44,600/- sponsored by   (UGC) , 2005-2007.


A Socio-Economic Survey of Tribals in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kodagu District,

Rs 80,000/- Sponsored by UGC, 2005-2006


A Study on the Functioning SC/ST Hostels run by Social Welfare Department in D.K., Udupi, Kodagu Districts,Rs, 80,000/- UGC, 2006-2007.


Measuring Environmentally Sustainable Agricultural Income for the Dakshina Kannada of the State of Karnataka, India, 6,80,100/- (Dr. Jayasheela with Prof. Vishwanatha   )Sponsored by UGC,  2006-2009,


Historical Geography of Arasikere Taluk of Hassan District, 40,000/-  Sponsored by UGC, 2008-2011.


Measuring performance distance among the SC/ST students of selected universities of Karnataka,Rs,40,0000/- sponsored by UGC,  2006-2007

Prof. Giriappa


Decentralized Planning in Water Harvesting and Water Markets: A Study in Dakshina Kannada District. 2,63,560/-Sponsored by UGC, 2004.

Prof. G.V Joshi


Long-term research project on Market Structure, Risk and Profitability: A Case study of Indian Banking Industry, Sponsored by UGC, (Corporation Bank)


Short-term research project on Micro Finance and Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study Sponsored by UGC, (Corporation Bank)


Research Collaborations (both National &International)

The department of Economics is having collaboration with other Universities and Research Centre such as Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore and CMDR, Dharward.