Departmental Activities and Programs Organized

Departmental Activities and Programs Organized so far (subject associations, periodic special programs / seminars / conferences / workshops / symposia, etc.)

1. The Seventh National Symposium on Radiation Physics (NSRP-7) was held during Nov. 16-20, 1987. 
2. ‘Frontier Lectures in solid state Physics’ organized by Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for advance Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore during Dec. 22-24, 1997
3. The Department has organized DST programme Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting during Sept. 18-09, 1997
4. 21 -day refresher in Physics (State Financed) for college and University teachers, 2nd April to 23rd April 1996. 
5. U.G.C sponsored refresher course in Physics held at Mangalore University between 28thOctober 96 to 19th November 96.
6. Microtron users meeting, October 10, 2002.
7. National Workshop on Radiation processing of food items for quality upgradation, September29, 2003.
8. National Workshop on Neutron Production & application, March 27, 2004.
9. Golden Jubilee DAE-BRNS National Workshop on Nuclear Data (NWND-2006) during 8-11, November, 2006.
10. “Special Lecture Series” in Physics under the auspices of Science & Technology Academy, Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore March 15-17 March, 2007
11. 14th Refresher Course in Experimental Physics June 1-16,2009 (Funded by IAS and INSA)
12. Orientation workshop on Radiation – Its applications in Physical, Chemical and Life Sciences, June 24-25th, 2015
13. International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials Science and Biophysics (RAMSB), January 23-25, 2018
14. International Conference on Physics of Materials and Nanotechnology (ICPN - 2019), September 19 -21, 2019.